Creative Renovation

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I traveled to a home in Denver, Colorado. I talked to a guy named Steve Blake. Steve said that is his bathroom looked horrible. I told him that I will be fixing up his bathroom for an affordable price. We took a tour of the bathroom and found crud on the walls and on the bathtub. After that, we talked about a solution to the problem. I decided to fix up the bathroom and put bathroom installers Bolton inside the bathroom as well. Steve could not see the work in progress because it would be a surprise for him.

I started doing the tasks by installing new pipes for the sink, toilet, and bathtub. Next, I put in a new toilet, bathtub, and sink. I made the sink look like a huge garden sink. I painted the walls light purple which is unique for a bathroom. After that, I put new hardware floors on the floor. Steve examined the finished work and was happy with the results.

Home Improvement

You Need to Speak Up

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“What did you say?”

“For the third time, did you like the book?”

“Yes, and there wouldn’t be a third time if you would speak up.”

“I’m almost shouting. You need to get your hearing checked.”

“You need to stop mumbling.”

“I’m the problem. What about the waiter at the restaurant the other day that started to write down his question about your order and then asked me for help?”

“The restaurant was too noisy.”

“We were the only ones there. Lately, you have a complaint about everyone you try to talk to. You need to get your hearing checked and, maybe, look into some help. I know you hate the idea. But today, hearing aids Knutsford aren’t one size fits all. I’m certain you can find one that will suit you, and keep the rest of us from becoming hoarse from shouting.”

“Okay. For you and your voice box.”

Senior Living

Business Matters

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During the middle of the summer my wife had to travel to Hong Kong for very important business matters. Our two children, ages ten and seven, wanted to go as well. Being a freelance writer, I was prepared to pull double duty taking care of the kids and working from my home office. After all, my wife does it all the time.

She suggested that we all travel with her. My first thought was how uncomfortable the children would be in a hotel. They would be confined in a small area. My ability to focus would be diminished. Most importantly, my wife’s ability to focus on those business matters may be compromised.

In the end, our trip provided a wonderful family experience. With great Hong Kong hotels to choose from, we easily found one that lifted, relaxed, and inspired us all. It was like being at home with excellent upgrades.


A Sweet Surprise

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I met Loralie when I was twenty-three years old and fresh out of college. It was a blind date set up by one of my mates from University who was convinced I would be single forever if I didn’t start playing the field a bit. I reluctantly agreed to meet the girl at a nearby cafe for afternoon tea. As soon as I saw her face, I knew I had found myself a sweet surprise indeed. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon and our chemistry was immediate. By the end of the night we had found ourselves a room in one of the best Premier Inn London hotels. I could not believe this was happening, I had found the girl of my dreams and I was even spending the night with her on the first date. In the morning though the sweetness had faded. The note on the bedside table read, “I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

United Kingdom

The Reason I moved in With My Uncle

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This past week has been a time of change for me. I say this because I moved in with my uncle Henry last week. My uncle, well actually great uncle, is seventy four years old. The reason I moved in with him is to attend school. The college I am attending is right down the street where he lives. For the privilege of living with my uncle, I help him around the house.

One of the first things I noticed when I moved in with my uncle is that he had gotten quite a bit older since I had seen him last. I also took notice that he was now using incontinence pads. A couple of days ago I took a closer look at one of his pads. I had never seen one before.

Old Age

Healing With Universal Energy

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Reiki Auckland is a form of therapy that uses the energy of the universe to heal the body. The therapist’s hands are used to harness and transmit the healing energy. It is believed that energy surrounds us, and a therapist can tap this energy for healing. Though a typical therapy session looks like traditional massage, the difference is that the therapist’s hands usually doesn’t touch the client’s body. Instead, the practitioner’s hands hover several inches above the client’s body. This can remove blockage in the body and improve circulation of life energy throughout the client’s energy centers. Teachers and practitioners of this therapy are required to be certified, and every practitioner uses a different therapy. You can learn how to do this therapy and become certified by taking courses. There are many courses on how to practice this form of therapy, buy it is important to research several institutions and their courses before choosing one.

Alternative Medicine